Scuba Travel Film

I'm currently adding the finishing touches to my latest film for Scuba Travel. I shot it back in January so it's been great to relive some of the amazing underwater encounters we had. Coming face to face with this giant moray eel was breathtaking- I don't think there's many better ways of getting your adrenaline pumping.

The key to getting sharp, colourful images underwater is to get as close to your subject as possible. Here, my lens was almost touching this moray's nose. Whilst they look intimidating, these eels are rarely aggressive towards divers. Their mouth is a marker of their mood. Surprisingly, if they are opening and closing their mouth and baring their teeth, they are relaxed and it's safe to approach. If their mouth is closed, keep your distance! To make this portrait more dramatic, I used a fashion photography technique taught to me by guru, Paul Duxfield (creator of the photo of me below). Instead of lighting the eel front on, I positioned my two strobes in front of the camera pointing in towards the subject at 90 degrees. This produces the shadow down the middle of the eel lighting up its teeth and eyes. If you're looking for a new camera setup to use underwater, be sure to check out the UK's leading underwater photography retailer, Cameras Underwater.