Red Sea Shoot

After being home from my previous shoot for less than 1 hour and 12 minutes, I headed out to the Red Sea.

The quality of wildlife images and films continues to get better and better. As a young gun attempting to break into the industry, the more strings I can add to my bow, the better. Since graduating in Zoology from the University of Bristol in July, I have been filming and assisting world renowned big cat photographer, Steve Winter, on his next assignment for National Geographic Magazine. Whilst this has been an incredible experience and I cannot wait to go on our next trip, I have been missing something. 

My family is obsessed with the sea and so from an early age I was weaned onto a childhood of watersports. After spending countless hours bobbing up and down on a surfboard off of the Cornish coast, I guess it was no surprise that I found my passion for marine wildlife. As big cats generally tend not to like water, my assisting job has so far not taken me near the sea. So to get an underwater wildlife photography fix, I went on a ‘liveaboard’ hosted by Scuba Travel.

I owe a huge thank you to Scuba Travel for an incredible week and to Cameras Underwater, the biggest underwater photography retailer in the UK, for their continued support.