Taunton Camera Club Talk

I had a great time talking to Taunton Camera Club last night! The audience was awesome and very politely laughed at all my crap jokes. If a wildlife talk might be something you'd be interested in, please find out more here...


Timings and content are very flexible. My experience ranges 5 to 95-year-olds, 5 to 700 seater audiences, small classrooms to the Royal Geographic Society.

Not convinced? Here's a few reviews from the Taunton crowd...

'A wonderful combination of real Natural History knowledge, great presentational and storytelling skills and super images. I had no idea what to expect but I was knocked over!'

'What an inspiration to see someone so young grasping life by the scruff of the neck and living it. One of the best evenings we have had since joining the club.'

'Probably the most entertaining evening we have had at TCC, thoroghly enjoyable, a mix of youth, enthusiasm, knowledge and relaxed presentation.'

'Young Bertie was great; his personality and ambition were clearly behind his achievements. However, I would advise him to desist from admitting to “squealing like a girl".'

'Bertie was absolutely superb. Wonderful images and an entertaining presentation, and, only 21. I'm sure that he has a fantastic future ahead of him.'

'I really enjoyed listening to Bertie Gregory.  We have had some good speakers at Taunton Camera Club but this was a real highlight.'