Nat Geo WILD's first ever digital series- A 16-parter that launched on August 3rd. It follows my adventure to track down and film Vancouver Island's most exciting predators. The film series was in partnership with my coastal wolf expedition for the Scientific Exploration Society supported by Zenith Watches.

Episodes come out weekly- Click here to watch the latest.

'For the first time, National Geographic is bringing its trademark natural history programming exclusively to the digital world. Every week, viewers will join Bertie as he sets out to discover the species that call Vancouver Island home. And Bertie couldn’t have found a more impressive landscape—the island is a perfect mesh of ecosystems. An untouched, temperate rain forest juts up against a truly wild ocean, a rare combination that means this landscape is saturated with some of the world’s most charismatic species.

Over the course of the series, Bertie will track black bears hunting for crabs, bald eagles fishing in estuaries, and salmon spawning by the thousands, and he’ll even get the chance to get up close and personal underwater with 2000lbs, 11ft, stellar sea lions. But each of these encounters is just a stepping stone for Bertie. His ultimate goal is to find Vancouver Island’s most elusive predator: the coastal wolf. This rare subspecies of the gray wolf survives almost entirely off the ocean, a testament to the interconnectedness of Vancouver Island’s coast and marine life.'