Jaguar Vs Croc
Premiered Sunday, December 20th, 2017 on Nat Geo WILD
World-renowned wildlife photographer Steve Winter and cameraman Bertie Gregory capture the rarely seen, remarkable lives of jaguars in the Pantanal of Brazil. Follow a mother jaguar as she teaches her cub survival, while a determined male jaguar, appropriately named Scarface, dives headfirst into a river to tackle the deadliest of opponents — a 1.8 metre-long caiman. Clever capybaras and playful giant otters stick with their family members to avoid being jaguar dinner.

I was a Producer and Director of Photography on this project. 


Leopards at the Door
Premiered Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016 on Nat Geo WILD
National Geographic photojournalist Steve Winter has spent his life working to save endangered big cats through his award-winning pictures. Now he turns his lens on an elusive and deadly leopard. In Mission Critical: Leopards at the Door, Winter explores Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai and Corbett National Park in northern India to capture extraordinary footage of leopards living in close proximity to humans — and to tell the stories of a broad array of people whose lives have been forever changed by encounters with the elusive big cats.

I was the Field Producer and Director of Photography on this project.