Chiribiquete National Park Shoot

This week I headed out to Colombia to shoot a film for Big Cat conservation organisation Panthera. I felt very privileged to be part of only the 3rd ever expedition into Chiribiquete National Park, located in the heart of the Colombian Amazon. This area is home to tepuis, a type of huge rock formation which erupts 500m vertically out of the rainforest floor. These tepuis are thought to be made up of some of the oldest rock on earth. It really was like visiting a real life version of Avatar! Here's a shot of Panthera's Esteban, Carlos and I.

Because of the remoteness and rebel presence, the Colombian military was in charge of the operation and they helicoptered us in to the top of one of the tepuis. Here's an epic clip of Panthera's Alan Rabinowitz utilising my GoPro Selfie pole as our helicopter comes into land on top of a tepuis in the heart of Chiribiquete National Park. To capture this in super slow motion, I used the GoPro 4's awesome ability to record at 120 frames per second. The down draft from the rotor blades was unbelievable and you can see fellow cameraman Jack Aldwinckle and I struggling to keep our tripods on the floor!

We then had just four hours on the ground to explore the surrounding area. The highlight for me was flying a drone we'd brought along (see image below). This amazing bit of kit really put the whole place into perspective. The film from this expedition will be published shortly.