Nat Geo Canada Series

After some seriously sweaty pitching sessions at National Geographic's headquarters in Washington DC, my expedition for the Scientific Exploration Society is now also my first solo assignment for National Geographic! If the stakes to deliver weren't high enough already, they just went to a new level! So far the majority of the wildlife has been cooperative. I've had some incredible encounters with black bears (pictured below), bald eagles (pictured 2 below) and stellar sea lions (pictured 3 below). 

Despite the caption above, this is not a stellar sea lion, its me just before attemping to film the 1000kg (2000lbs), 4m (12ft) long beasts!

Despite these successes, my main target (the coast wolf) still remains illusive! Over the next few weeks I'm going to be upping the anti by absorbing myself into their environment. More updates coming soon...